Building a Growth Team: How Al7arefa’s Data Entry Experts Prospered Click Offers

In Ramadan 2019, Al7arefa was tasked by one of its Saudi Arabian clients to hire a full team of remote data entry specialists. It was challenging ­­–– but not impossible! Fast forward to nearly a year and a half later, here’s how Al7arefa’s data entry professionals took Click Offers to a whole new level.

The Client: Click Offers

Click Offers is a mobile application that users can use to browse and explore offers and hot details available by different stores and brands in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE. With that, consumers continuously stay updated with the latest offers with a simple tap of a button. Since convenience and easy access to information are pillars of success in today’s era, Click Offers has been distinguishing itself in the market and gaining a wide popularity among its users. In the future, the company aims to be the number one reference for offers and discounts in the entire MENA region.

The Challenge:

A Data-Driven Workflow

Click Offers boasts hundreds of flyers and offers from different companies, with changes occurring very frequently to the products, prices, and availability. Click Offers features a unique model where flyers aren’t simply uploaded as is –– rather, the products are clickable. You can click on the product you’re interested in to know more details about it, add it to your shopping list, read review, or even save it for later. What’s more, the application offers a search bar, allowing you to browse by category, item, or store.

To achieve such a model, online data entry is crucial to the development and operations of Click Offers, to ensure that the application is always up to date with the latest offerings, product descriptions, prices, and more. Without rapid data entry specialists, the service wouldn’t be able to operate effectively.

Hiring a Dedicated Data Entry Team

With that being the case, Click Offers’ management team’s priority was to hire a dedicated data entry team along with a project manager. With the company moving at a frantic pace and accumulating endless data, qualified data entry specialists were required for accurate data version. They needed to be flexible, fast, perfectionists, and have high attention to detail.

And they needed that fast!

The Solution:

Al7arefa’s Rapid Hiring Solutions

Al7arefa’s team has a solid recruiting turnaround plan that empowers it to provide an exceedingly rapid yet efficient hiring process. At the time of the request, Al7arefa’s platform and community joined forces to meet the client’s hiring needs, matching the fit freelancers with the job through rapid and simultaneously selective hiring solutions. The team first started recruiting a qualified project manager for the job, Aya Magdy, a project manager with over eight years of leadership experience.

From there, she started recruiting members to form her team. Magdy received over 100 resumes from interested freelance candidates, which she had to thoroughly filter to tick every box of the client’s requirements. In fact, she resorted to testing applicants to assess their web searching skills, product selection understanding, their accuracy, how fast they type, and more.

Impressively, while Zoom wasn’t as prevalent as it is today, both Magdy and the Click Offers’ manager both fully relied on it for communication. Additionally, it’s through Zoom that Magdy conducted interviews during the recruitment process, especially since the applicants were dispersed around Egypt.

In the end, the team was formed, and since then, Mario Bushra, Wessam Yousry, Ahmed Nassar, Hadir Ramadan, and Aya Magdy from Cairo, Hurghada, Kafr El Sheikh, and Tanta have been working with Click Offers, becoming more of a remote team rather than just freelancers.


A Gateway to the Best Deals and Prospering Freelancers.

To date, this partnership has generated $20k in profit during a year and a half period, during which Click Offers has been able to achieve its vision of becoming the go-to for the latest offers and promotions.  At the same time users have been enjoying an exceptional shopping experience, Al7arefa’s freelancing team of data experts have been satisfied with their work-life balance and flexibility, while ensuring a stable source of income.

Some of the team members enjoy working late nights, while others are more productive in the mornings and start working as soon as they receive their tasks –– either way, the working hours are absolutely flexible, and they get to enjoy their weekends to the fullest. In fact, one member works in a private business with father and has a baby, another works multiple freelancing projects simultaneously and is married with two children, and there are undergraduate students in the team!

From mothers to students, all parties are content.

On the client front, the Click Offers’ management team is satisfied to the fullest with the team’s work. Magdy confidently asserts that the client doesn’t micromanage them all day long; from that ­­–– that’s precisely how he doesn’t have the slightest of doubt about the team. In fact, he calls the Al7arefa’s data entry team the “pillar” of success.

The Best Part?

Al7arefa is the intermediary!

Magdy reflects on her experience asserting that the best part about her experience with Al7arefa is that she doesn’t have to get involved in the financials. She rests assured that she gets her paycheck at the end of every month and that Al7arefa’s account management team has her back.

She explains that having Al7arefa as an intermediary gives her a sense of relief, especially when she’s dealing with clients across borders and there are no guarantees. “Knowing that a client is a client at Al7arefa provides me with enough assurance that the project will be executed professionally and with no risks. Al7arefa’s clients are always keen on maintaining their relationship with Al7arefa’s team, so the stability is great!” she says. Accordingly, she finds the 20% service fee charged by Al7arefa to be absolutely reasonable and worth it.’

“I’ve been working for nearly two years through Al7arefa, and I can say that everything is stable. Stable isn’t a common word you hear in the freelance world. Freelance projects usually last six months at most, but we’ve been continuing for very long,” Magdy explains. “I’ve worked on numerous freelancing projects, on different platforms, and even in corporates, but they’re not quite the same as Al7arefa. They always manage to take the weight off my shoulders, especially when it comes to financials. And if any conflicts arise, they always step in to provide the necessary support. They never take sides­; they’re neither pro clients nor pro freelancers, which is a major distinguishing factor.”  

For Al7arefa, this partnership is one step closer to our expansion plans and vision to becoming the leading freelancing platform in the MENA region. By penetrating the Arab markets meanwhile providing a full team of freelancers with a stable source of income and connecting them with a leading company, we’re achieving the ultimate goal of our business day after day.

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