How to Hire a Freelance Writer

Having freelance writers on board can work wonders for your business. By being a source of steady high-quality content for your readers, you build loyalty and increase your customer retention rate. Not to mention, whether through blog posts, email marketing techniques, advertising copywriting, or more, top-notch content tremendously increases traffic to your website, eventually leading to conversions.

With that said, how do you know if you need a freelance writer? And if you’re ready, how do you hire a freelance writer? That’s precisely what we’ll tackle in this article.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

For your content strategy to be successful, you need to produce a stream of high-quality content. Not a single article can be of subpar quality; otherwise, your credibility will be at risk, not only for your customers but also for search engines. Additionally, you can’t be producing content on and off; you need to be consistent. While that sounds easy, it’s much easier said than done.

If you’re a business owner, you likely won’t have the time to manage regular content production. It’s quite a responsibility to take on. Furthermore, at some point, you’ll burn out and run out of content ideas. And you may not possess writing skills to begin with, which could make the content you write less engaging. That’s exactly when you should hire a freelance writer to take that burden off your shoulder.

Today, various freelance writers specialize in crafting quality content for blogs and websites and can develop a full editorial content calendar for you to attract as much traffic as possible.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer

How to Hire a Freelance Writer

If you related to one of the reasons mentioned above, don’t have an in-house content writer, and decided to hire a freelance writer, here’s what you need to do to ensure hiring the perfect candidate in Egypt.

1. Be Precise About What You’re Looking for

Before you start looking for a freelancer, you need to understand specifically what you’re looking for. That’s the main priority. In other words, identify the scope of work, including its duration, workload, deadlines, and requirements, to evaluate freelancers and identify the right one. On that note, also consider whether you just want an individual freelancer or a team.

Since content writing is also very subjective, establish as many guidelines for how you want your content to look like to set the expectations. Include elements like tone, style, headings, word count, language, paragraph length, and overall content structure.

2. Ask for Freelance Content Writer Recommendations

You’ll be surprised by how many people within your network interact with freelance copywriters regularly. Ask your colleagues or business owners if they’re ever hired a freelance copywriter in the past, and if they did, whether they would recommend them or not and why. If all sounds good to you, you’ve got yourself a freelancer!

3. Seek Freelance Platforms

Sign Up to Al7arefa Freelance Marketplace

Many reputable online freelancing platforms serve as a marketplace and bring together over a thousand clients and skilled freelancers. Our very own Al7arefa is one of them, so make sure to create an account here.

Once you do, you have one of two options. Firstly, you can browse freelancers’ profiles first in search of a talented content writer, SEO writer, digital content writer, marketing writer, web content writer, a creative copywriter for advertising, copywriter, or more. Secondly, you can post your job for free or project to receive proposals and bids from different experienced freelancers.

4. Narrow Your Options

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the pool of talented freelancers you’ll find on Al7arefa. Accordingly, try to narrow down your selections as much as possible.

Thoroughly evaluate freelancers’ portfolios to make sure that their writing styles match what you’re looking for, and following that, you can use Al7arefa to interview them to discuss the project scope directly. Pinpointing the exact skills you’re looking for in a freelance copywriter will also come in handy here.

5. Interview the Shortlisted Freelancers

Once you’ve gone through the filtration process and compiled a list of shortlisted freelancers, go ahead and interview them. By discussing their backgrounds, work experience, portfolio, and more, you’ll be able to identify the freelancer that stands out and who will make a perfect fit for your job.

It would also be wise to inquire about the writing tools they utilize in their content development process. You should expect the answers to include tools like Grammarly, Hemingway, Evernote, ProWritingAid, Scrivener, and more. If you’re looking for content publishing too, you might also ask if they use WordPress, for example, while if you’re looking for SEO, you can ask if they rely on SurferSEO or other tools.

For further confirmation, you can request a written sample relating to the topics, profession, industry, or niche that you will require content about to choose efficiently. When you receive the sample, use a plagiarism checker tool to ensure that the content is original.

6. Make the Freelance Copywriter Hiring Decision

Once you’ve found the “one,” it’s time to start the project officially. If you haven’t posted your project at this stage, make sure to do so now, including the exact project details and duration. Be as detailed as possible to avoid any potential mishaps in communication.

This takes us to the next point, which also needs to be included in the project information: the project’s budget and the payment schedules.

7. How to Set a Budget

The best way to set a budget is to ask the freelance copywriter directly. Different freelance writers charge their work differently, with the most common pricing method being a fixed rate per word. Alternatively, you may encounter freelance content writers who price their work per page, by time spent, or per-project.

Remember that you’ll never find an equal rate among all freelance writers. The discrepancies between rates can be quite broad due to educational background, work experience, portfolio diversity, qualifications, published work, and more. Therefore, your evaluation of the freelancer will significantly come into play. And always try to find a market average anyway.

8. Accept the Proposal and Make the Payment

After you reach a common ground with your freelancer regarding the budget, the next step is to accept their job proposal on the platform. Now, you have a new addition to your team; it’s that simple!

Typically, online freelance platforms require you to make the project payment right away to guarantee both you and your freelancer’s rights and ensure that no scams occur. By the same token, Al7arefa takes the same approach and is the intermediary between you and your freelancer, which is why we also oblige you to make the payment upon accepting the proposal. You can either pay by debit card, credit card and cash collection.

Be assured that the money won’t be released to the freelancer until you receive the content, and we receive your release confirmation. After deducting a service fee of 20% of the total amount, we’ll transfer the money to the freelancer.

9. Leave a Review

An honest review is always appreciated! Make sure to leave a review of your experience with your freelancer. By doing so, you open the door for more jobs for your freelancer among the wealth of available freelancers, and you provide clients like yourself with a genuine opinion they can rely on to make their hiring decisions. And if the work was up to standard, you could pursue long-term projects with the same expert freelancer and build a lasting relationship!

Final Thoughts

Content writing is one of the great and valuable ways to boost traffic to your website and take your search engine rankings higher, but it must be done right. Hiring a freelance content writer can be the most time-efficient and productive method to get your hands on high-quality content that users want, so hire wisely!

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