Elharefa in a New Brand Identity!

Elharefa is not just a platform; but a full integrated platform & community for freelancers & remote job seekers in the MENA region.

The origin of the word Elharefa:
Elharefa are the professionals – in the Egyptian slang.
Elharefa have been built to gather an exceptional professionals into a network where they can add value to others through their top notch talents.

Who we are?
Elharefa.com is a talents marketplace platform & community to connect freelancers and remote job seekers who want to find suitable opportunities and clients who want to hire trusted & vetted professionals to get their work done.

Our mission is to to Build a Supportive Community of professionalism, of talents and businesses to collaborate and work together without limits & stress-free digital workplace.

Our Vision is developing every business  in the MENA Region through  vetted & trusted Talents.

The Importance of Branding for businesses:
Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.
And it’s not just the logo, but it’s an emotional experience that aims when the customer remembers your brand to be associated in their minds with a unique and special experience and their perceptions about the product or service you provide.

In fact, companies that deliver a consistent brand across platforms can increase their revenue by 23%..

The first element in building a brand is the logo.

The Importance of logo for businesses:

  1. Reveals the brand identity.
  2. Attract new clients.
  3. Set you apart from the competitors.
  4. It facilitates the loyalty of your customers to the brand because it is not just a slogan, but it explains the reason for the company’s existence and its goal in a simple form to connect customers with it as soon as they see it.

So let’s introduce our story behind the rebranding.

What do we want to say through our new brand?

1- Focusing more on sharing who we are?
2- The new identity reflects what we believe.
3- To show more about Elharefa roles.
4-Share our values to build trust.
5- Increase awareness about Elharefa services from talents and client .
6- Support our talents/clients to overcome their challenge.

The concept behind our new Logo:
The new logo consists of two circles one in orange color and the other is purple one and the letter h between them.
– The two circles represent the clients’ side and the talent’s side.
– Client-side is in a purple circle which reflects the ambition.
– The talent side is in an orange circle which reflects creativity.

-The letter h:
– The initial letter of “harefa” word.
– The shape also represents the platform and how it connects the clients and talents.
– The two circles with the h shape can only complete elharefa logo as it will never be one whole object without both elements together.

Reason for changing letter A:
The letter “e” has been changed instead to “A”.
Because for three years, we noticed our followers and users of the elharefa platform and the way they write for our brand name, and we found the majority write it with the letter “e ” in the English language instead of the letter A, and the letter “H” instead of “7” to make it easy for non Arabic speakers to read our brand name; so we decided to change the way we write our brand to be elharefa.

Check the video below to know more about our brand concept

Elharefa Rebranding Video

It is not just a logo, it shows who we are.!

Join elharefa now and register for free, either you are a talent seeking for new opportunities or you are a client searching for vetted talent and follow elharefa official social media channels to be updated with our new services and activities.

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